Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum credit for a test is 6. Earn 18 credits to unlock a new badge. It is the place where you can find the scores for every test you have taken in every category.

This menu will show your rank among the users of the forum respective to the tests.

Based on the priority you choose, we at iBevy, will suggest you information and scope for development in the Newsfeed of the portal.

We collect it to verify your identity.

No, a test can be taken only once.

Majority of the features are made free for students to help reach everyone.

Once you search through the portal for a particular skill, you can find the list of students displayed. Once you click for a request to connect with them, your mail id will be shared with them to contact you.

No, you cannot change it. You may like to know that these basic details will be shared to potential companies looking for candidates like you. Changing the name and mail I’d lead to unwanted ambiguity. If you do not have access to the registered mail account, contact us through [email protected]

The newsfeed is the place where we will post News and Advertisements based on your Priority index given in the profile.