Your Personal Mentor

An initiative by working professionals, to give back to students and share their knowledge to help them in career


You Are In Right Hands

You will have to switch from conventional ways of preparing for placement to become eligible to sit for placements. When it’s not going to conventional, why the same term placement preparation, lets the change call sign as preparing for Career.


Let’s Change

The usual certification or training is just passive learning and working on projects. And watching videos of YouTube channels or certification may not complete your learning. You need something that gives you the feel of being professional.


And Evolve

Let’s not spend our whole college to become eligible for placement or equip eligibility skills. Move on to unconventional ways of preparing, equipping yourself with employability skills that will make you be Skilful and sellable talent in the Job Market.


What We Expect From You,

  • commitment
  • Exploit our knowledge

What you can take away from us,

  • Overview of Different Job opportunities, while in college you are shown only narrowed down programming job.
  • Guidelines or Ideas that will make you unique in the crowd, you have chosen the program, so you step ahead to be unique among the crowd.
  • Reference for Jobs or Internships when you are a good performer after program completion.
  • Project Ideas For College projects, which would increase your selling point in campus interview.
  • Trends in the Companies Hiring Strategies.
  • What would companies expect in a Resume and Interviews.
  • Do’s and Don’ts while preparing the job.
  • Say Goodbye to boring regular resume, while you’re Portfolio Will be ready to speak on behalf of you.
  • While the majority of the crowd would have mentioned Database or Data Structures as their Area of Interest, choose your interest which you might have explored or found Interesting in the program.

What We Expect From You,

  • I am not good in Aptitude and What if I don’t clear the aptitude round
  • What if my scores are less and have not met the eligibility criteria
  • Please make mistakes, if not you are not breaking things or learning
  • Not the complete fear, sometimes fear is the one that will keep in track and kill building overconfidence in you, so we leave little fear in you, to keep in track.

Our Goal Is To,

  • Make you earn money while studying in college, after completing the program
  • Onboard you into the spotknack talent community, for a future job or Internship opportunities
  • Make you self-reliant to find a job, irrespective of the job market situation
  • Boost your confidence and give you a clarity of your career scope

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