Spotknack's Mission 2021

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We help Students find skills and Companies find Students

Let's make learning fun for the students. Let the students race through the various levels, solve nerve racking engineering problems,upgrade their skills, earn points and connect with potential recruiters .

Company who trust us

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If you are a student

Skill Analysis

Analyses the progress in your skillset by tracking your performance and recommends further steps,


Ranks students based on specific skills. Use the sort option to filter the list as per your.


Apply for Internship and Job Opportunities just by click of a Button.

Add Skills

Let’s you update your newly acquired skills and helps you get featured.

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If you are a Company

Post Internship

Students are the best talent source for start-ups to get their content, development, marketing works, etc,

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Get pre-assessed profiles to accelerate your intern hiring or interview time by selecting students who top,

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Role Configuration

Attracting efficient talents will also require details like roles and respective skills you look,

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Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are the most used preferred medium of hiring for most start-ups,

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See how it Works !

I see this as a step to bigger and better things. Being a part of Spotknack I have learned a lot and planned my career path in a perfect way.


I like working with same mind people to still improve my skills and also showcase my talents in all the ways.’’