Join hands to Empower 100 Students

Spotknack will select, adopt 100 deserving students for whom enrolling in online courses and other paid certifications would be a hurdle, will help them by sharing knowledge, career-specific mentoring, upskilling, and connecting with the opportunities and support them by giving hands till they graduate from college.

Our primary focus is to help students get paid internships while they are studying by giving them the necessary knowledge at the right time and a helping hand.

Raised : ₹ 37,600 / ₹ 3,50,000

People Donated: 29

Students Selected: 6 / 100

Last Updated : 22:00 June 22,2021


How the fund will be utilized?

We are going to take care of every single rupee of the donors, it's our responsibility too. To bring in transparency, we will connect the donor with the student so that the donor would know for whom the money is being utilized and we are doing this not just for transparency, if the donors connected with the students, it would motivate the student for trusting them, to make use of the opportunity and make the donor feel that the money he/she donated is changing the student's life.