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By simply sharing your own learnings you’re able to have a impact on a student’s future

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Why Invite Working Professionals as Mentors To Impact Students Life ?

Satisfaction from imparting experience to the students in the profession without a huge time commitment

A way to "give back" to the community

A way to recruit employees for your company and help them grow by creating talents for them

A great short term mentor-mentee match is often a lasting friendship

Giving your time and knowledge to students career can be hugely rewarding, especially when they achieve the results they hoped for

An opportunity to learn about yourself, the way you do the things you do and areas you may still need to develop

Be surprised yourself and pick up a few tips and tricks from your mentee that you might not have otherwise thought about

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Some common doubts and info asked by our mentors

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What're the minimum hours that need to spend? +

I am new to spotknack, How spotknack mentoring works? +

Is there any application used for mentoring the mentees? +