About Us

Spotknack was started in June 2018 by two college friends; whose vision was to help students showcase their talents to recruiters. Our sole purpose is to find a perfect team player to join the companies’ vision who are ready to join their journey.

Our Journey

June 10 2016

Harsha and Narendran, during their college days, initiated the idea of doing a real project for good experience and exposure on project management and development under the team name “Blue Moon”. They started their work by automating the college functions and symposiums with software’s, Applications and Web Applications. For an year, they worked on external projects and team Management for better experience and knowledge.

July 26 2017

The idea of starting a company was framed and official team members were formed. Harsha withdrew from College Placement in order to start the company. Initially, they operated as a service-based company.

September 5 2017

The company was incorporated as “iBevy Forte Private Limited” on this day. They slowly started focusing towards 2 product idea development while operating in the available space inside their college.

September 22 2017

Launched our Internship program for Pre-final Years to make them work real time projects.

November 21 2017

The product idea of Skill Development by Gamification was approved by Start-up India. Thus, began our truce as an approved startup.

December 1 2017

The product idea was awarded with Student Innovative idea of 2017 by Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Tamil Nadu.

March 4 2018

Another product idea of inter college social network was launched to understand the market. Though the colleges were impressed by the idea, they could not set a strong foothold in Market.

May 19 2018

Skill Assessment product idea, took a full swing work with learning from the other product idea.

June 1 2018

iBevy , became the Official member of Forge Accelerator and moved into it’ s Co -Working Space.

June 8 2018

Started an online portal to help and understand the student’s preparation towards career, initially as “Educe” in two colleges.

June 16 2018

Educe expanded across 20 + colleges with 200 + participants.

July 26 2018

We launched our Dream Product of Student Skill Assessment through Gamification.

September 14 2018

Our platform crossed 1200 users from 30 colleges.

December 2018

Our platform crossed 1700 users from 40 + colleges.

March 2019

Crossed 2000 + users.

April 5 2019

Facilio became our first company customer.

June 1 2019

iBevy rebranding decision was taken

June 28 2019

First placement Drive was organized for Facilio at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology.

July 3 2019

iBevy was rebranded to Spotknack

August 14 2019

We had breakthrough in conducting a placement process through our platform at two different locations (VIT – Chennai and Bangalore) accessing over 1000 + concurrently.

Oct 1 2019

First pay cheque from Facilio

January 1 2020

Launched the student Mock Interview Program.

January 25 2020

Spotknack made it to SaaS Boomi along with 500 Companies from APAC

August 2020

Mentoring Program was initiated to introduce earning Opportunities to students and also help them prepare for career in an unconventional ways.

January 1 2021

Spotknack's Unconventional was launched to bring out the journey people who made it unconventionally to their career.

January 20 2021

Launch of Spotknack's Mission 2021, to create 300 employable student talents and to introduce earning Opportunities to students.

March 22 2021

Spotknack Mission 2021 was Featured On Indian Expression Edex Edition

September 18 2021

Spotknack Talent Community became independent, with a separate student leadership team.

October 15 2021

Spotknack signed a strategic partnership with the NGO EvXprts to promote institution to industry.